There are numerous Web sites that offer information about abortion and reproductive health. Unfortunately, many sites present information that is incorrect, misleading, or outdated. Some sites that contain the least reliable information also choose site names to convince readers they are trustworthy.

How do you know that you are talking to a quality clinic?  Go to this website for information on finding a clinic that fits your expectations.

Here are also some links to help you with your decision, after-abortion care, religious information and ND state produced information. Click on any of these to follow the link to the website. 

Help With Your Decision

Information for Men

  • Men and Abortion: Information directed towards men involved with women seeking an abortion or information about abortion.

After-Abortion Support

  • Plants for Patients: A community service program offering pro-compassionate support to patients of Red River Women's Clinic by offering notes of support and plants. 
  • All Options: At All-Options, we understand that pregnancy experiences and decisions can be connected and complex – that having a miscarriage may bring up feelings about a past abortion, and that being adopted can influence your feelings about becoming a parent. Our All-Options Talkline is a place where all options, decisions, experiences, and feelings are welcomed and respected, at any point in your journey.

Religious Information

ND State Information

The following links are to the state mandated booklets that are provided to each patient as part of the Informed Consent process. If a patient wishes to view these booklets she can follow the links below: