Birth Control

It is the intent of Red River Women's Clinic to inform, educate and help each patient become a successful birth control user. It is our goal to start each patient on a birth control method that will not only be effective for her, but will also fit into her lifestyle.

We offer education and information on many different methods of birth control. The key to birth control is to insure that the method chosen is one that the patient can be successful within her everyday life.

Our female Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner can see you on Friday mornings for birth control options, counseling & dispensing. She also provides the following services: infection checks, STI screening and testing, genital wart treatments, pregnancy testing, and yearly GYN exams with Pap Smear. More services coming soon! Call us to set up an appointment: 701-298-9999.

We will place a Mirena or ParaGard IUD, the Nexplanon implant or give an injection of generic Depo Provera. 

Each eligible patient will receive a prescription for her chosen method of birth control.

Choosing a Method

A great place to start in determining the right method of birth control can be found here:

  • Method Match by Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP)

This simple tool, provided by ARHP, will help a woman determine which birth control method(s) will most suit her current needs and lifestyle.

Watch some short (usually only a minute or two) videos below about some popular birth control methods, listed in order of effectiveness:

What is an IUD? An IUD is an intra-uterine device. Fancy words to describe a tiny gadget, like this one, that goes inside your uterus and prevents you from getting pregnant. There are two types of IUDs available in the U.S., but they both work in a similar way.


What is the implant? The implant is a type of hormonal birth control. It is a tiny plastic rod, about the size of a matchstick. The implant contains a hormone called etonogestrel (et-oh-no-JES-trel) that prevents pregnancy. The implant is easily inserted under the skin of your arm by a health care provider.


What is the shot? The birth control shot is an injection of a hormone called progestin. Each shot prevents pregnancy for about three months. How effective is the shot? The birth control shot is very effective. If always used correctly, less than 1 out of 100 women will get pregnant each year using the shot.


What is the vaginal ring? The vaginal ring is a small, flexible ring that you put into your vagina once a month to prevent pregnancy. The ring is easy to put in and one size fits most women. The ring contains hormones called estrogen and progestin.


What are birth control pills? Birth control pills are a medication you take every day to prevent pregnancy. They are sometimes called "the pill" or oral contraception. Most women using the pill take "combination pills." These contain two hormones - estrogen and progestin. Some birth control pills contain only one hormone - progestin.

Financial Assistance

Red River Women's Clinic will bill any insurance for birth control. Most insurance companies cover birth control with no deductible and no co-pay, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Our staff can help determine if your insurance covers your preferred method of birth control. Call us at 701-298-9999 to find out more. 

Minnesota Medical Assistance, ND Medicaid and the Sanford Medicaid Expansion Plan all cover the costs of birth control at our clinic. Women living in MN who are not covered on Medical Assistance may be eligible for the Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP) which covers the costs of birth control. Our staff can get you enrolled and approved on this plan the same day you are at our clinic.

For any other coverage questions, visit our Financial Assistance page. 

“Great staff – love how you empower us patients.” 

- Red River Women's Clinic Patient