Financial Assistance

There are multiple funding resources/agencies available to help reduce your fees. However, NO abortion fund will pay for the entire fee - all funding agencies expect that patients come up with a portion of their fee on their own. RRWC staff can usually help you navigate all funding resources when you make your appointment, reducing your need to make multiple phone calls to different resources.

Women can sometimes turn to family and friends for financial assistance - $25 from 4 friends easily adds up to $100!

Women in North Dakota and South Dakota

If you are a woman living in North or South Dakota, there is limited financial assistance available that is based on your income, family size and need. You will automatically be asked if you want to see if you qualify for this funding when you make your appointment. It only takes RRWC staff about 1-2 minutes to tell you if you have qualified for the funding. We recommend you obtain this funding through our clinic - but if you wish to attempt to access the funding on your own - see below.

You can call the National Abortion Federation Hotline at 1-800-772-9100 for this funding. Expect to get frequent busy tones, you will have to dial over and over to get through to a case manager. If you get through, you will need to answer some basic questions about your household size and monthly income. If you do qualify, you will be given a grant (which means the funds do NOT need to be repaid). 

Minnesota Medical Assistance

Women who are covered on Minnesota Medical Assistance do not need to pay a fee - we will bill MA for you. This includes the abortion fee, STI testing & birth control fees.

Please have your MN MA Recipient ID, or social security number when you call us so that we can verify your coverage.

North Dakota Medicaid

Women who are covered on North Dakota Medicaid or the Sanford Expansion plan can have the following services paid for by Medicaid:

  • Depo-Provera shot ($90)

  • IUD - either ParaGard or Mirena ($1500)

  • Nexplanon ($1500)

  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea test ($10)

Please have your ND Medicaid ID # when you call us so that we can verify your coverage.

ND Medicaid covers abortion in the case of rape, incest or if continuing the pregnancy would endanger your life or health. If you think one of these applies to you, please let our staff know when you make your appointment. Life or health endangerment cases need to be referred by your primary care provider. Red River Women's Clinic cannot make this determination.

Women in South Dakota


Instructions: If you live in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska or North Dakota, or if you are traveling to a clinic in one of these states for an abortion, the South Dakota Access for Every Woman Fund may be able to help you.

Make your appointment at an abortion clinic first, and then call the phone number above. Leave a message with your name, number, and date of your appointment, and someone will call you back. The number is a residential number, so please do not call at night.

North Dakota WIN (Women in Need) Abortion Access Fund

The WIN Fund provides limited financial assistance available based on your income, family size and need. RRWC staff can assess if you are eligible for WIN Fund assistance when you make your appointment. 

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