Choosing a Method

If you are 10 weeks or less, you are eligible for either a medication abortion or an in-clinic suction abortion. Both methods can be completed in only one visit to our clinic.

Medication Abortion

If you choose the medication abortion, the doctor gives you the first pill, Mifeprex, while you are in our office. This pill blocks the hormone that your body needs to stay pregnant. We will send you home with a second medication that you’ll take 24-48 hours later. These pills start the miscarriage like process where you pass the pregnancy. You should be prepared to be at home, not working or driving, when you take the second medication. We prepare you for the worst experience, and not every woman has these side effects, but you could have; a headache, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heavy bleeding & heavy cramping for a day or so. 

As part of the medication abortion process you MUST commit to one form of follow-up to confirm that the pregnancy has passed. You can either return to our clinic in 1 to 2 weeks to have a FREE check up that includes a vaginal ultrasound OR you can complete a series of blood tests. You do NOT have to return to Fargo to complete these blood tests. The blood tests are not free; you can use insurance or Medical Assistance if you have it, OR pre-pay us to complete the series using our corporate discount with a local lab.

Suction Abortion

The in-clinic suction abortion procedure takes about 5-10 minutes. The doctor will numb your cervix with a local anesthesia, like what is used in dental offices. The doctor then dilates, or opens your cervix. This is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure and most women say it feels like heavy menstrual cramps. The doctor will then gently suction the lining of your uterus and the pregnancy comes out at this time. 

We also offer the option of mild sedation with the suction abortion. This involves taking medications that make you feel more relaxed and minimize pain. If you choose this option – you MUST have a driver present with you in the building.

A follow-up is NOT required with a suction abortion.  

You can expect to have some menstrual like bleeding anywhere from 1-3 weeks after either method of abortion which should get lighter & lighter. You can resume normal activity as soon as you feel ready, and for many women, this is immediately.


Medication abortion is 95-98% effective, and suction abortion is 99% effective. Some women choose medication abortion because they want to feel more in control of the experience or be at home with a partner. Some women choose suction abortion because they want to know that the abortion is complete before they leave the clinic or don’t have time in their schedule to complete a follow-up.


The medication abortion and suction abortion cost the same amount. We don’t want money to be a factor in a woman receiving the kind of abortion care that she prefers. 

“I really appreciate how nice, caring and genuine everyone was.”

- Red River Women's Clinic Patient