Patient Comments

It is our privilege to serve our patients needs. We offer our services in a feminist healthcare setting. We encourage all of our patients to demand the same level of service in all of their healthcare experiences.

Please read some comments below that patients have left us about the care they received while at our clinic:

"I have never known a business to have such wonderful and friendly staff. Thank you very much!"

"Thank you! You have all been very compassionate through this process."

"I was very impressed with how informative the staff was."

"Thank you all for making my experience less scary than I expected."

"Thank you for everything. I felt very welcomed and was treated with respect!"

"I did not expect such kindness"

"God bless you ALL!"

"You girls are excellent at what you do! Thank you."

"No one made me feel stupid or worthless. Everyone was great and supportive."

"Thank you for genuinely caring."

"This is an extraordinarily well run clinic with outstanding staff."

"Thank you ladies! You were all GREAT, made me feel very at ease. You rock!"

"My doctor and her assistant were awesome!"

"You have a wonderful facility with wonderful staff."

"Everyone here has been exceptionally nice."

"The doc was great and made me feel cared for and made me feel very comfortable."

"Everyone was amazing. Always making sure I was comfortable."

"Thank you - I haven't felt this cared about in a long time."